Mark - Investigator /Sensitive

Mark has been investigating, and hunting for nearly 10 years. He became interested in the paranormal field at an early age, and has been looking for answers ever since. Mark tries while investigating to focus on "Real World" solutions and reasoning. "I've seen plenty in my life that cannot be explained easily", so he goes into every investigation with respect and an open mind.

The TIGS Investigative Team

We have room here for more investigators. If you are interested in joining us fill out the form on the home page include your city and phone number.

Serena - Assistant Director PSS

Serena has officially been with TIGS since  2007, as a Board Member, Treasurer and Investigator. She recently has become more in the administrative end as our case manager. She is the skeptic of the group when she goes on an investigation and tends to not believe until she has seen with her own eyes. Serena will go into an investigation with an open mind and base her judgement on the collected evidence.

Jen - Psychic / Medium

Jen is a professional medium and has been seeing spirits all of her life thanks to both sides of he family having gifts of their own. She sees and hears them as clear as a living person, yet she is logical to where she tries to debunk everything first. "I am a hardcore believer of couse, but I also have a scientific mind so it's my nature to want to see evidence." She has worked with and known Len for over ten years. 

Len - Founder/ Director PSS

Len has a degree in business and along with his best friend Walter started The Illinois Ghost Society in 2006. Len had paranormal experiences since he was 5 years old. "While I believe there is something after this life I go into an investigation objectively and try to find a logical reason for the reported activity". His standards are high and he believes in quality and understanding for the clients needs. We as a group believe in giving the client a professional investigation and hopefully a solution to put the client at ease. I have recently become an ordained minister.

The Illinois Ghost Society