Digital Voice Recorders

         Olympus VN8100

Digital Dowsing

     Ovilus III

Sony IR handycams   From L to R

     DCR - DVD610

          DCR - TRV480  HI 8 mm

                DCR - DVD108

Investigation Equipment

The Ghosthunter Store

     EM Pump  EMF generator

EMF Meters   From L to R

      Mel meter 8704R

      KII w/ on-off switch

      Ghoststop Ghost meter

      Trifield analog merer

      KII  w/ on - off switch    Black



Fujifilm converted

     Full Spectrum camcorder

DVR system w/ cameras & monitor

     Swann DVR4 - 1150/w Lite Brite cameras

         Viore 26" monitor

ITC Research

          P- SB7  Spirit Box

          P- SB 11 Spirit Box

Digital still cameras   From L to R


     Kodak  DX 4530

          Bell and Howell IR


Communication Equipment

     Motorola two way radio's/ w chargers

The Illinois Ghost Society

The Ghosthunter Store

     REM POD

     Green Laser Grid

The Ghosthunter Store

     Geo Phones vibration detectors