The river bend town of Alton, Illinois is located on the Mississippi river where the Illinois and Missouri rivers meet. It was where  the Lincoln and Douglas debate was held , the first state prison that was transformed into a confederate prison and the underground railroad. Alton is reported to be the most haunted town in Illinois. We at The Illinois Ghost Society can testify to at least two locations that we have investigated, and hope to investigate other locations to see for ourselves that the town is indeed the most haunted town in Illinois. Alton is the favorite place to go for the members of  The Illinois Ghost Society, we look forward to any chance we get to visit and investigate.














The Milton school building was built in 1904 and was open to students until 1984, when it closed after 80 years. The building now is home to a decorative glass company with its own warehouse, and has apartments and a coffee shop at the location. The school has a dark history associated with it, though the crime associated with the school is said to be only folklore. Do spirits walk the halls? Was a murder committed here? We may never know as there is no record of it.

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The Mineral Springs Hotel

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Farrar School     Maxwell, IA

The Mineral Springs Hotel is an interesting place to visit, whether or not you are a paranormal investigator. It is rich in history as well as haunted, we had personal experiences as well as documented.

Ghost tours of the hotel and other areas of Alton are available, so if you find yourself drawn to Alton, IL, make sure you stop by the Mineral Springs Hotel and take the tours, also stop by the Museum of Torture and tell Janet we sent you.

Alton is the home of the worlds tallest man, Robert Pershing Wadlow also referred to as "The Gentle Giant" at an adult height of eight feet, eleven point one inches. Born in February 22, 1918 he was a normal eight lb. baby,  On his first birthday he weight 44 lbs. which isn't to alarming. Fear didn't come to his parents until he was five years old as he weighed 105 lbs. and Robert stood five feet, four inches. The Wadlow's took Robert to a doctor, but he was found to be in good health. When he entered school his parent already knew that he was going to be extremely tall and already decided that they would not allow any showmen to display him as an oddity even though he had gained the attention of the entire world. Roberts friends and relatives through contact on a regular basis, they were able to treat him like a regular person. His size was a major obstacle in having a career and finally wound up appearing in Ringling Bros circus. He developed a very high fever and was rushed to the hospital, after 10 days his fever climbed to near 106 degrees and on July 15, 1940 he died in his sleep.


Alton, Illinois

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Circa 1904



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The downtown Alton location of the Lincoln/Douglas debate in 1858. It is in the Lincoln Douglas memorial park at Broadway and Alby St.

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TIGS members are available to come out to any function and conduct our paranormal presentation. We do these presentations in order to let the general public be aware of what we do. We will be able to inform a large group of people in a community or a private function on the basics of paranormal investigation. They will have the opportunity to meet and talk with the investigators after the presentation and will be able to set up an investigation if they want. Most people are afraid to say anything if they believe they are having paranormal activity in they're home or business. This gives them the chance to speak with someone who wont say that they are crazy. We will believe you, all you have to do is call or email us and we will come and do a presentation at your next function. As always there is never a fee for our services.

On September 19th we went to the Farrar School for an investigation. The overnight stay proved to be very eventful and was the most active place we have investigated. There were many personal experiences by our investigators, the most frequent was equipment failure and malfunctioning. There were some recorded events, one investigator took a picture with a night vision camera and caught an apparition on the second floor. We recorded several EVP's and had ill feelings as one of our investigators felt ill most of the night. We don't usually make a call on a location based on one night of investigating but, we can definitely say that the Farrar School is haunted.

Milton Elementary School

The last remains of the Alton Penetentiary. The first building was finished in 1833 and housed 24 cells. More buildings were added as the population grew along with the wardens residence, by 1846 it had grown to 96 cells. The prison continued to grow to 256 cells and housed 2 prisoners per cell until it closed down and was abandoned in 1860. The penitentiary was once again used in 1862 to incarcerate confederate soldiers during the civil war. The prison capacity was 800, but it held anywhere from 1000 to 1500 or more confederate soldiers, and after the war it was once again closed down. The walls were torn down between 1870 and 1875 and this is all that remains of the original prison.