What Are Those In My Pictures?

We all like to take pictures at family gatherings, special events, outdoors, or on an investigation, the fun part is looking at the pictures afterward. You flash thru the pictures, and then you come across the family photo and stop, what is that round object over uncle Johns head or on Aunt Sophie’s dress? It’s those pesky little things we call orbs. Yes I say pesky because they are popping up all over. As an investigator I see them quite a bit and quite frankly I don’t get all excited about them, because 9 times out of 10 they are dust particles stirred up shuffling thru an old building that is reported to be haunted. Don’t get me wrong I am in no way a skeptic when it comes to the paranormal. I have experienced the paranormal my entire life, I even grew up in a house I believe was haunted. As a paranormal investigator I search for solid evidence of paranormal activity and pictures of orbs in my opinion aren’t solid evidence. I have taken it upon myself to do some research on a subject that I am ever so tired of hearing about. There seems to be more orb pictures than any real phenomenon. The following is information that I have found during my research.

There are some that are not dust particles and they defy a logical explanation. For example extremely bright orbs that leave a trail which indicates swift movement. There are those that are more solid and different colors; some are prismatic and display a rainbow of colors, then there are the ones that are solid red, green or blue. Some orbs are just basically transparent and faint. They have been called spirit orbs or energy orbs or light anomalies. Other investigators have said they were moisture or pixilation but we’ll get to that later. First you have to understand what exactly the definition of an orb is. According to the Merriam – Webster new collegiate dictionary, an orb is from the Latin word Orbis; circle or disk. 1: Any of the concentric spheres in old astronomy surrounding the earth and carrying the celestial bodies in their revolutions. 2: Archaic: Something circular; circle; orbit. 3: A spherical body; exp; a celestial body 4: eye. You can see that the definition says nothing about orbs being ghosts or energy; we call them orbs because they are circular. Keeping this definition in mind lets first is clear on what is a ghost? A ghost is the disembodied soul of a once living person that appears in their bodily likeness. I would like to believe that these orbs are paranormal and be amazed like some people are but I can’t. Yes there are some like I said earlier that defy a logical explanation, which is what paranormal is; they cannot be scientifically explained. I stop short of calling them ghosts and refer to them as light anomalies. I brush them off as insignificant to the goal that I am trying to achieve by investigating the paranormal. Let’s look at what we know so far, before we analyze different explanations of orbs. We know that orbs are pretty commonplace in photography and video. We know what the definition of an orb is, and we know the definition of a ghost. The one explanation of orbs I really want to dig into is pixilation as explained by some investigators. Pixilation is defined as animation of people where performers change their positions slightly between exposures of one or two frames each, to obtain a comic effect of jerky movement when the film is played at a normal speed. If you have ever noticed playing a DVD or on a television program, the picture breaks up and you see small square dots, that’s what pixilation, is. In digital photography the image or picture is made up of thousands of pixels, a pixel is defined as the smallest element of an image in a video display system. It doesn’t mention a photo image, but as you increase the size of a photo you can see the pixels. Thinking back on the video pixilation distorting the picture I would think that pixilation of a photo would also distort the picture not show up as a perfectly round transparent circle. So I think we can safely rule out pixilation.

Orbs are also believed to be the soul of a person. They take on the form of an orb or sphere because it takes the least amount of energy to form. On the other hand in order to form a complete or partial apparition it would take the most energy. Energy absorption seems to be the main consensus among paranormal investigators, it is believed that a soul will take on more different forms from mist/ectoplasms or full body forms in the colder months form October thru February, when there is more static electricity in the air. I tend to agree with this theory as my encounters with full bodied apparitions and ghosts have all occurred in the colder months of the year. Let’s not lose fact that these theories about orbs sound good but cannot be scientifically proven. There are the other proven factors that can cause an orb in a picture; it’s the environmental cause of orbs. Dust, moisture (not only rain), humidity and other environmental factors.

Now I would like to delve into an area of research that I have not seen in the articles and theories from all of the orb-o-philes out there. Remember these are my theories and opinions, that are not scientifically proven but I feel could be looked at. Look at the facts 9 times out of 10 your investigation or ghost hunt will be in an old run down building or a cemetery. Old abandoned buildings are generally in the process of decay, i.e. (rotting wood, leaking roofs, and falling plaster)... the dampness and humidity causes mold and mildew. Ghosts or Allergens? I’m getting to the point! Let’s look at the environment; cemeteries have grass, flowers, trees, leaves and weeds. You’re probably thinking, “We know this but what does it have to do with orbs?” what I’m getting at is spores. Pollen and mold is comprised of spores. Without getting to technical spores are reproductive bacterial microorganisms that are already in our environment. You have probably seen the weather reports on television about pollen and mold counts; there is also a weather page in the newspaper that shows the pollen and mold count. Spores are spherical in shape. If you look at a drawing diagram of a spore you can see the many cells within it that eventually get released into the atmosphere. Anyone with allergies knows what I’m talking about. Remember now I am not getting all excited and jumping all around saying, :Yeah! That’s what orbs are! Spores!” I just think it’s an area of orb research that anyone who is obsessed with orbs should look into. I’m quite surprised that this subject hasn’t come up in previous orbology. Maybe this will encourage orb-o-philes to do some more research on the subject. Maybe someday we can get to the bottom of this phenomenon. Okay, what can I say…orbs, they are a pain in my neck,. Sorry for the outburst but, I’m sick and tired of hearing about orbs. PEOPLE! There's no reason to get all excited and crazy just because a dust particle floats by the video screen. Let’s focus on our main objective and do some real paranormal research. Once again I apologiz; I just had to vent my frustration about this subject.

In retrospect what ko we know? Orbs are believed to be the soul of a once living person using energy to manifest or they are balls of energy drawn by the environment and electronic equipment. Theories that are not scientifically proven. On the other hand tests were done using the enviromment to tske the pictures and they have been mostly dust, raindrops and moisture in the air and lens reflection. This all sounds more credible and easier to believe, although there is a very small percentage in the back of my mind that doubts these explanations about a couple orb pictures I’ve seen. All in all I think tt’s time to put this subject to rest and do some real paranormal investigating and research. For the seriously interested investigator utilize the time spent on an investigation and quit wasting it on orb photos and videos. Remember also, the investigation doesn’t end when you leave the location; there is still the evidence to analyze and the reveal to the client.



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Written by: Len Novak

The Illinois Ghost Society

A Ghostly Theory

If energy can not be destroyed then where does ones energy go when the body is through? Do we all turn into ghosts? If we are dead, how can we do that? We could come up with a few logical answers right off the bat. What I'm hoping is to present some information that requires thinking beyond our physical world. What if we could answer some questions about energy? Answers based on scientific experiments.....scientific fact!
Scientific facts per Dr. Valrie Hunt, Chairman of the Department of Kinesiology at UCLA and Rosalyn Bruyere, engineer, internationally acclaimed healer, clairvoyant and medicine woman.

The Rolf Study, January 1975 UCLA, came to these scientific conclusions.

Energy has a color. Sound has a color. There are many different colors. Each color corresponds to a frequency. The frequencies are equal to vibrations. Therefore, vibrations are color. Some people can see these very colors coming from other living beings. These people are considered gifted. Remember that colors are energy. So these gifted individuals can see energy. These colors have been measured as frequencies in the scientific Rolf Study. "As the frequencies or harmonics or vibration of energy our body channels gets slower we become more physical; as the frequency of this energy gets faster our state of being becomes more refined and subtle, less physical. There is a definite continuum from low to high frequency, and in the esoteric world we are trying to channel and maintain finer and higher frequencies(vibrations)." The colors represent the chakra system of the human body. The chakra system illuminates ones aura. My research and experiments add to the validity of these following statements. It is said that ghosts operate on a higher vibration. As living beings, we are dense. Our frequencies/vibrations are lower. We are made up of electro and magnetic energies. Spirits/entities are said to be made up of magnetic energies. They are lighter, not dense. They are more refined, not physical.

People who can see ghosts or have extrasensory type abilities have a brighter light themselves. They have developed abilities, which if one works hard enough, one can develope these abilities as well. A person may also learn to feel energy. Energy can be detected through sound. Energy can be recognized as a certain type of sensation in the body as well. (This investigator has had numerous experiences with feeling energy from the living as well as with those considered dead.) It is also believed that a living being who raises their vibrations makes it easier for spirits to see and connect/contact or even communicate with them. With this information, I have been working on raising my vibrations. At this time, I can confirm that this information is true. In the last two months, my paranormal experiences have grown. My senses have become extremely heightened. I have visuals of trivial events. I have gotten accurate information of past events without prior knowledge. I am now very energy sensitive. I have witnessed a physical action as a result of my thoughts and feelings. Most recently, I got a visual on an investigation just seconds before another investigator was believed to be touched by a spirit.
I've also come to the realize that there is much more going on than I first thought. As human beings, our bodies truly are just tents that we temporarily reside in. We are NOT our bodies. We are so much more.....

This information is no longer popular knowledge as it once was. Huh? You say, here's a piece from Roslyn Bruyeres book "wheels of light"
"As each of the ancient civilizations was conquered-the Egyptian, the Chinese, the Greek, the Romans-vast libraries were burned and within the fires were consumed massive volumes of antiquarian and esoteric wisdom. It is no mistake that the period that followed was termed the Dark Ages. By the time the light shone again, science and religion had become enemies, and common knowledge of the chakra system had become an esoteric mystery." "It was prophesized by nearly every ancient culture that there would be a future time when this ""lost"" knowledge would be rediscovered." "wheels of light" also mentions the age of Aquarius as the time of man. That means that this is our time, right now. I for one, do not think of 2012 as the end. I perceive it to be the beginning of mans period of enlightenment. Mans expression of his higher self.

So how do we tie this together with where our energy goes when the body is through? And what does this have to do with ghosts and the paranormal? What if there really are no ghosts? What if the truth is that beings exist all around us all the time(simply energy) What if those beings are doing exactly what they have chosen to do. What if the solid beings(humans) have chosen their roles as well. Here's a thought.....when the body is done, we move on and do what we chose for our journey. Some chose to come back and be born into the world. Others chose a task..... Maybe to be someones guardian angel. Maybe there are certain lessons we have to learn before we get to do the guardian angle thing. So we might chose to come back as a different sex or race or even in a different time period. The point is, there's this great journey that lasts millions of years and with as many people as there are, is it not plausible that multiple universes exists where different people and events are happening simultaneously? I believe anything is possible. If you really seek the truth, start asking questions. Start talking to people. Start doing your own experiments. Don't take my word or someone elses. I find it very interesting that so much information has been hidden from us.... Information about our energy. The power that resides within each of us. Ask yourself, "why were science and religion divided?" when ancient civilizations were conquered, why was the knowledge and wisdom destroyed? Why was the scientific documentation of our chakras and our energy system being proven to exist not of importance in our society? The experiment was over 40 years ago! Why was it downplayed? I feel this is just the tip of the iceberg. The pyramids, aliens, Stonehenge.... These are just a few of supposed unexplainable "things" that exist yet we leave them at that. With all our technology and great minds, we don't have a list of probable explanations? We hide behind religion and government because not all of us want to know the truth. We are comfortable doin the 9-5, the house and car and the family thing. Its the illusion that we created and we are content with that. We need a little excitement every now and then so why not conjure up ideas of spooky beings hiding under ones bed. We have a moment of consciousness and hear or actually see something and right away it must be a haunting. Something we cannot rationally explain....because it does not fit rationally into our illusion...our idea of reality. This investigator believes that we have it all backwards. Nothing is as it seems. We are so much more than our dense bodies. We are immortal. There is no death for our true selves. The body dies yet we live on. Yes, all of us. Especially the ones who do the most awful, hurtful, gruesome things. Their million years is just beginning. Some of us have already been around for a million or two and we know better. I read this the other day, "I have so much to learn yet I know many things. My challenge is in my knowing to remember that we are all on the same journey yet at different locations on the same road. These different locations are of equal importance; as are the wide variety of individuals at each of these locations."

For me, my investigations into the paranormal have led me to these ideas. I will keep investigating. I will keep questioning. To me, this is part of my journey. Maybe a small part yet a most adventurous one. I will leave you with this thought to chew on. Does it make sense to anyone out there that the paranormal is really the truth of our existence and at this stage in the physical plane we just aren't mature enough to wrap our brains around it?

By: Greer Tomko